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Birdies Minting Announcement on the XRP Ledger

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Mark your calendars because birds are paving their way to our Jungle on 9th of November on xrpcafe!

Holders of Bored Ape NFTs will be given early access to mint 48 hours before the public mint phase. Bored Ape NFT holders will be getting FREE mints on 9th of November , at this ratio: Wallets that hold:

  • 1–4 Apes -> 1 Free Mint
  • 5–9 Apes -> 2 Free Mints
  • 10–24 Apes -> 3 Free Mints
  • 25–49 Apes -> 4 Free Mints
  • 50+ Apes -> 5 Free Mints.

Holders of Diamond Fur Bored Apes will be getting one (1) extra free Mint for each Diamond Ape. For example, if a wallet holds 3 Diamond Fur Apes this is +3 extra free mints.

  • Supply: 5,555 NFTs
  • Allowlist Mint (For Bored Ape holders): 9th of November
  • Public Mint Date: 11th of November
  • Public Mint Price: 33 XRP
  • Time: 19:00 UTC

Baysed Booster Pack

What is a Booster Pack?

A Booster Pack contains 5 cards that each represent 1 single trait. All five (5) cards combined can give you a Baysed Bird, which will happen in the second mint phase. The traits are as follow:

Baysed Booster Pack Baysed Booster Pack Baysed Booster Pack Baysed Booster Pack Baysed Booster Pack

  • The rarities of cards will be:
  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)

What can I do with my cards?

The idea behind this unique mint experience is that you will be able to trade your cards in order to ‘’replace’’ them with others, whether that is for a better ranking or a better look, with the goal of minting the coolest Baysed Bird on the second phase. For example, if you have a common trait Headwear card that you do not like, you can trade it on the marketplace and buy new headwear for your future Birdie. They will be tradable like the rest of the NFTs on the XRPL.

Baysed Booster Pack

When is the next mint phase?

Once mint starts, we will already be working on the second mint phase. All NFTs, including Cards & Birdies, are ready for both phases.


Keeping your cards forever is not an option since we set the Burnable Flag on, which means that after a specific deadline in the second phase, we will burn the rest of the cards!

Before you buy and trade any cards, make sure that you will be up to date with our announcements so you do not miss the second phase! Snapshot may or may have not been taken yet.