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Bored Apes Monthly Update

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Introducing Bored Apes XRP: Our Monthly Update

We are excited to share the latest developments from our Bored Apes XRP project. As avid collectors of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we have been working hard to create a unique and valuable collection for our community. In this month’s update, we will be discussing the launch of our merchandise shop, Netvrk Avatars Minting, updates to our Discord roles, the introduction of CSC (CasinoCoin), and our NFT raffles.

Merchandise Shop: A New Way to Represent Bored Apes XRP

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our merchandise shop! Now, you can proudly represent Bored Apes XRP with our high-quality hoodies, shirts, travel bags, and accessories. As a member of our community, you will be able to showcase your love for our NFT project with stylish and comfortable apparel. Our merchandise shop is just one more way that we are enhancing the Bored Apes XRP experience.

Merchandise shop is expected to go live in a couple of days!

Netvrk Avatar Minting

Netvrk will be releasing a 9,000 piece of NFTs called Avatars which will be a release of their own for their Metaverse. They will co-exist with avatars from other projects as well but these will differ. As written from Netvrk “Based on an understanding of human psychology, the Algorithm has developed fourteen classifications of personality types, or fourteen archetypes, and is representing these through avatar models for player’s use.”

We will have the ability to give you the chance to mint those Avatars if you want so. We will release more details soon as we are waiting for minting.

Avatar Sale Info:

Story Doc:

Discord Roles: Improving the User Experience

To improve the user experience and streamline our Discord roles, we have updated our system. We have removed old roles, and holders will need to verify their status again. Our new ranking system will update in real-time, so if you purchase more Bored Apes XRP NFTs, your rank will automatically reflect your increased holdings. We are excited to offer this improved system to our community and believe it will make navigating our Discord server more enjoyable for everyone.

New Roles per Trait

Ape: Everyone who holds at least 1 NFT Alien: You have to hold an ape with alien fur Bronze: You have to hold an ape with a bronze fur Silver: You have to hold an ape with a Silver fur Gold: You have to hold an ape with a gold fur Baynana: You have to hold an ape with baynana fur Cheetah: You have to hold an ape with cheetah fur Diamond: You have to hold an ape with diamond fur DMT: You have to hold an ape with DMT fur Noise: You have to hold an ape with a noise fur Rainbow: You have to hold an ape with rainbow fur Robot: You have to hold a robot ape Zombie: You have to hold a zombie ape Biker: You have to hold a ape with Biker traits Baysed: You have to hold a ape with a Baysed shirt Hog: You have to hold a HOG

Roles per NFT Holdings

Banana Buddies: 1 NFTs Coconut Crew: 3 NFTs Monkey Majors: 5 NFTs Gorilla Generals: 10 NFTs Ape Kings: 25 NFTs Primate Potentates 50 NFTs

Introducing CSC (CasinoCoin): A New Way to Benefit from Holding Bored Apes XRP NFTs

As a thank you to our community, we are excited to introduce CSC (CasinoCoin) rewards for holding Bored Apes XRP NFTs. For every Bored Apes XRP NFT that you hold, you will now receive one CSC token. We believe that this will provide our community with even more value and encourage long-term holding of our NFTs. We are thrilled to offer this new benefit and are excited to see how it will benefit our community.

NFT Raffles: A Chance to Win Rare and Valuable Bored Apes XRP NFTs

Finally, we want to remind our community about our NFT raffles. These raffles take place on our Discord server and provide you with the opportunity to win rare and valuable Bored Apes XRP NFTs. You can now purchase raffle tickets using Baynana tokens, making it easier than ever to participate. We believe that these raffles add to the excitement of our project and provide a fun way for our community to engage with our NFTs.

We hope that you have enjoyed this month’s update on our Bored Apes XRP project. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to enhance the Bored Apes XRP experience.