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Bored Apes XRP Update

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Bored Apes XRP Update

With this article we would like to give you an update on what to expect in the near/distant future.

As you have noticed we have already started minting on 5th of November, on So far almost 80% of the collection is minted, which is really encouraging. Not only that, but in just three weeks, we have already surpassed 900,000 XRP volume in secondary sales!

Click here to view our NFT Collection. These results are very encouraging but this is just the beginning. Below are a few updates on some of the most often requested questions.

Bored Apes, which is the main collection, is doing really well so far. As you are aware we proposed a deadline where whoever does not mint up to that day there would be two scenarios:

  • The team would mint the remainder of the collection and sell each NFT for 1 BAY (There is an option to list an NFT for whatever XRPL token you wish for).
  • The team would mint the remainder of the collection and develop a random process in which everyone who still has BAY tokens may come and claim a random NFT.

The reason for the deadline was to complete the collection and end this phase of IOUs. But not only did we face a lot of criticism for this, but since people want to be able to claim their NFTs , after the deadline in a random process, then it’s literally the same thing as minting on website.

Finally, we decided to abandon the deadline for the time being and continue minting as is. Since we have already minted 80% of the collection, we believe that it will be completed soon.

But there’s more to it than that. As many of you are aware, there was an exploit in which a user was able to mint some uncommon NFTs that were either valuable due to their characteristics, such as diamond skins, or had a specific ID, such as 369, 420, 10000, and so on. Fortunately, the team was able to recover all of them, and we assured the community that we would distribute them in a random and fair manner.

We’ve decided to do a spin from #1 to #10.000. These numbers represent all of the NFTs in the collection. So the giveaway will proceed as described below.

We produce a random number between #1 and #10.000, and the owner of the NFT with that ID receives one of those rare apes. For example, if number #150 is drawn, the winner is the owner of the Bored Apes XRP Club #150. If the number doesn’t correspond to an owner we will redraw a number.

This will occur on 1st of January 2023. This is our only deadline, for now, for those who want to participate in the giveaway of those rare NFTs. As a result, everyone has an incentive to mint so that he has more opportunities to win. So to explain it simply, the more minted apes you have, the higher chance of winning you have.

After January 1st, we will observe the minting process. If we believe that it is best to assist the project mint with a deadline, we will most likely organize a community vote on it.

HOGs is our secondary, upcoming NFT collection that everyone is asking about. It’s true we aimed to mint hogs sooner than expected. There are two key reasons why we extended the duration for HOGs minting:

  • We opted to wait a little longer rather than hurry minting and having troubles minting the collection because there were several bugs/exploits on multiple NFT marketplaces on the XRP Ledger.
  • We wanted to put some emphasis on our primary collection, Bored Apes, and keep some of the focus on them for the time being.
  • With all that said, HOGs will officially be minted somewhere mid-December, perhaps sooner!

Game has been under review for several weeks so far and we were reviewing the concept of it while talking with a game studio of what is possible or not. A brief preview of how the game will appear is a major map called “The Jungle”, in which you can hand out with other players and interact with the area/other items there. You can travel through the jungle to various locations where you can play online games against other players and collect tokens. Such as games will be shooting and arcade ones.

Merchandise has been ready since BAY minting started. The reason that it was delayed was due to our payment provider. They turned down our request to set up online payments because they assumed we were planning to sell NFTs, as we are listed as an NFT project. However, we filed an appeal and are working to rectify the situation as quickly as feasible.