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Bored Apes XRP Update

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Bored Apes XRP Update Q1 (1.1)

About HOGs

As you are all aware, there has been a few-weeks delay in the minting of HOGs. We discovered some errors while generating the set and wanted to take a step back to fix them before launching the collection. We have been regenerating the collection and reviewing it extensively for several weeks. After all these weeks, we are finally pleased to announce that the minting of HOGs will take place this weekend! An official announcement will include the date and time.

Jungle FTSO

We are delighted to inform you that we are running an FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) under the name ‘’Jungle FTSO’’. We would appreciate it a lot if you delegate to us and experience some delicious rewards in the near future.

We have already planned some nice surprises for the community and for those who will delegate to us. For more info on how to delegate press here.

One of the main things we are aiming is to share a considerable large portion of the rewards back to our delegators and the BAY community. Meaning not only will you be earning Flare at the end of each epoch, but you will also earn additional rewards that the provider is making.

That was one of the many things we are considering, giving to those who help us back. We have always been about community and the FTSO will be giving more back to its community.

Partnerships (Netvrk & Lightplay)


We’ve already spoken with Netvrk’s team twice about the status of our collaboration. We were informed that their team had recently changed, which resulted in some product delays. So far, both parties (Netvrk x Bored Apes XRP Club) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which has served as an initial starting point for Netvrk and other partners. Finally, we need to agree on a second contract so that both parties know what and where they should collaborate, which would most likely be done in Q2 of 2023, when they will have a second wave of onboarding partners to their metaverse.

Mine Runner,” which will be released in a few weeks, is ‘’ the first game set in the Netvrk Metaverse. Built in Unreal Engine 5, Mine Runner brings a new dimension to mining, giving players the ability to earn items, upgrades, and points, as they progress through the cavernous mines of Netvrk.’’ source.

We will start creating a 3D base-model of our apes , for the purpose of using it in “Mine Runner”. Although they do not yet support the XRPL in it, we can still create a character and have it playable in “Mine Runner” to promote our project while also participating. When the onboarding process begins, we will have everything ready we need to participate.


Regarding Lightplay, there is still time to brainstorm ways to collaborate. We will be given a list of what their new Lightplay updates will include. After that, we can start building things by throwing ideas on the table that benefit both parties.

Bored Ape NFTs Raffle

On 1st of January a raffle was hosted for all NFT holders, where the team gave away some NFTs that were exploited during minting phase. All the winners have received offers to claim their prizes , through On January 31st, all the unclaimed apes from the raffle will be reshuffled and drawn for the community once again.

Baynana Distribution & Voting Tool & DEX

We created a new script for the Baynana Distribution because the old one was missing addresses or sending the incorrect number of tokens. From today, the new script will begin airdropping tokens to your wallets. We’d like to thank everyone for their understanding in this matter!

We will hold our first community vote immediately after HOGs mint. All proposals will be posted to our Gitbook page and will remain there, including results.

We are also still working on having our own DEX, as promised. More details will come very soon!